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Colville et al. published in Science – with news coverage

Lisa Colville's M.S. thesis paper on the extent of the southern Greenland Ice Sheet during the last interglacial ~125,000 years ago was published in Science July 30, 2011.  This research showed that ice persisted on southern Greenland throughout the last interglacial, but still raised sea level 1.6-2.2 m above present day.  The results also indicate that Antarctic ice was also smaller than today during the last interglacial, indicating that it too is sensitive to small change in Earth's climate.

Colville, E.J., Carlson, A.E., Beard, B.L., Hatfield, R.G., Stoner, J.S., Reyes, A.V., and Ullman, D.J., 2011, Sr-Nd-Pb isotope evidence for ice-sheet presence on southern Greenland during the last interglacial: Science, v. 333, p. 620-623. PDF

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