Graduate Funding

The Department of Geoscience provides guaranteed support in the form of fellowships, research assistantships, project assistantships, or teaching assistantships to those students who successfully compete in a selection process that occurs early every spring semester. The Complete Guaranteed Support Document page has further details.  For students coming to Madison with an undergraduate degree, the guarantee is for eight (8) semesters if the student intends to stay through the Ph.D, or for four (4) semesters towards the M.S. If the student already has an M.S. degree from another university, we guarantee a total of six (6) semesters of support for work toward a Ph.D. Outstanding applicants are also eligible for consideration for departmental support as a Weeks RA, which provides one year of funding in addition to the semesters included in the four to eight semesters of the Department’s guarantee. Support in the form of semester or year-long appointments as research, project, or teaching assistantships may also be available to those not receiving a long term guarantee.

The majority of students hold a teaching assistantship (TA) or a research assistantship (RA) funded by research grants. In addition the department awards a number of prestigious Weeks Research Assistantships to incoming graduate students with exceptionally strong records.  

Students are encouraged to gain experience in seeking external funding for their summer research and field work through various agencies who fund graduate student research. 

 Sources of external funding: