Shell Undergraduate Research Fund

For all undergraduate majors in Geology & Geophysics and Geological Engineering:


Thanks to the generosity of Shell Exploration and Production Company, we have a program to facilitate undergraduate research in all sub-disciplines of geology, geophysics, and geological engineering.  The purpose of these funds is to encourage undergraduate research of all kinds.

We will accept proposals for funds from $200 to $5,000.  It is not necessary that the research be part of a senior thesis; the fund is open to majors at all levels.  Proposals cannot cover salary.  Proposals can cover travel, lab expenses, equipment, per diem, etc.

We will consider requests for research funding in the fall and spring of each academic year. Stay tuned to your email for deadline information each semester.  In addition to the one-page form, you should include a one-page summary of your research plans, a budget (please have sufficient detail, including a brief explanation of each budget item; aim for 1/2 to 1 page depending on the level of support you are requesting), and a letter of support from the professor most familiar with your project.  Please specify whether your research is part of a senior thesis or an independent study project.

We will consider the following criteria when awarding grants: scientific merit, project feasibility, likelihood of completion and communication of results (i.e. publication, presentation), student’s motivation, and academic record.  Applicants must have an overall GPA of 3.2 or better.

For additional information, please contact a member of the Undergraduate Committee: Profs. Laurel Goodwin (chair), Phil Brown, Clay Kelly, Steve Meyers, and Herb Wang.

Shell Undergrad Research Application