Bill Morgan

Geoscience Fellow, ConocoPhillipsBill Morgan
BS 1975, MS 1977
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I have been using the knowledge gained from my course work and research at UW-Madison for the 30-plus years that I have been a geologist in the petroleum industry.

I work in the ConocoPhillips New Ventures organization as a stratigrapher, with a specialty in carbonate rocks. My career has seen assignments in research, development, and exploration, integrating core, outcrop, and seismic data to build stratigraphic frameworks for Paleozoic through Tertiary formations in many basins of the world. I have also had the good fortune to teach carbonate field seminars in the Guadalupe Mountains of West Texas, the Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico, the Four Corners Area of New Mexico and Utah, the Hill Country of Texas, and the Bahamas, British West Indies, and Florida. I was first exposed to several of those areas as a student on field trips organized by the UW Geoscience Department. Those early field trips made a lasting impression.

One of the exciting aspects of my job is staying abreast of what is new in the science of stratigraphy. My position has allowed me to be active in professional society activities, including serving as Secretary-Treasurer and President of the Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM), an editor of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin, and Treasurer of the Council of Scientific Society Presidents. I have been fortunate to have received the 2002 Robert H. Dott, Sr. Memorial Award for Best AAPG Special Publication (Petroleum Provinces of the Twenty-first Century) and the ConocoPhillips Marvin Johnson Outstanding Mentor Award.