Brooke Norsted

The Geology Museum, Assistant Director Brooke Norsted
MS 2003
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Education has always been my second calling—I’ve been involved with science museums and outreach programs since high school—so working at a Geology Museum has been a real marriage of two of my career interests. I earned my BA at Gustavus Adolphus College in 2000 and my MS here at UW-Madison in 2003, working with Alan Carroll on the Green River Formation.

At the UW Geology Museum my primary responsibilities include coordinating our outreach programs and managing the collections; however, the blessing and curse of working in a small museum is that there are always other things on your plate. These extras have expanded my knowledge base (e.g. identifying “meteorites” and “dinosaur eggs”), allowed me to practice my custodial skills (e.g. changing lightbulbs on a 12’ ladder and cleaning nose prints off the gem case) and given me excuses to travel (e.g. to dig up dinosaurs in Wyoming or to deliver a talk in Pennsylvania).

In addition, being a part of a university community exposes me to opportunities to work on other fulfilling projects.  These include Darwin Day (a day-long evolution symposium) and Expanding Your Horizons (an event that seeks to encourage junior high aged girls to remain interested in science, technology, engineering and math careers).