Paul LaPointe

Golder Associates, Inc.
MS 1976
PhD 1980 (Mining Engineering)
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I am a Senior Consultant with Golder Associates Inc. in Redmond, Washington where I manage the petroleum services division of Golder’s fractured reservoir consulting practice. I have held positions over the past 30 years as both a geologist and engineer with mining and oil and gas companies, and have consulted internationally in the fields of fractured reservoir development, nuclear waste isolation, Carbon Capture and Storage, mining engineering and environmental statistics since joining Golder in 1992.

I hold an M.S. degree in structural geology from UW-Madison as well as a PhD in mining engineering/rock mechanics from the forerunner of the current Engineering Geology program, and am a licensed Geologist and Hydrogeologist in Washington State.

I can provide insight and guidance concerning the types of skills and opportunities needed for anyone interested in a career involving quantitative mechanical or fluid flow modeling in rock for mining, petroleum energy or environmental applications, working in the environmental statistical field, improving their general mathematical geology skill set, and the numerous benefits of including a strong quantitative skill set with a geology major. I can also provide information about career options in the geosciences consulting world, or working for a major international or small independent oil or mining company in the US or abroad.