Author: Ethan Parrish (M.S. 2019)

Last spring (2018) I had the great pleasure and privilege to collaborate with Professor Steve Meyers and local Madison band Mr. Chair on a geoscience lecture about the origins of planet earth. For the past ten years Steve has been thinking about how to better teach geoscience in ways that more people can relate to. Over the years this often led him to think about the intersections of geoscience and art, since many people relate to art more readily than hard science (and who can blame them). As a Teaching Assistant for his geoscience 100 course last spring, we quickly realized we shared this common interest. As much as I adore geoscience, an equally great passion of mine is visual media. Fortunately for me the two intersect in wonderful ways (think publication photos/videos, poster media, etc.). When Steve learned about my love of communicating science thorough visual mediums, he introduced me to his idea for “Beginnings” and asked if I’d like to be a part of it. As luck had it, last spring was also the first time that the class was taught in Agriculture Hall 125, which is a turn-of-the-century style lecture hall that was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1985. Naturally it made a fantastic venue for what would blossom into “Beginnings”.

Over the ensuing weeks Steve collaborated with Mr. Chair, a local Madison band, and commissioned them to write original music for his 4-act lecture on the origins of earth. Steve recruited me as Director of Photography for the project which entailed shooting footage to be used within the lecture itself, as well as shooting and editing a “teaser” video of the live event. The final product was recently published in a press release by the University of Wisconsin and serves as the first official product of Tadada Scientific Labs (website coming). With another semester of geoscience 100 coming up quick, we’re already thinking about what the next installment will look like! #teaser

Check out the video here!

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