Geoscience Department VPN Access

In order to use the Geoscience Department VPN, which is separate from DoIT’s campus-wide VPN, you will need to request an account from Ben and have a demonstrated need for the access.

The Geoscience Department VPN grants you access to application license servers in order to use Matlab and ArcGIS. It also allows you to ssh and remote desktop into computers in the building.

You will need to download and install the Palo-Alto Global Protect VPN software.

Go to kb.wisc.edu.

Search for Global Protect

Find the correct installation instructions to download and install for your OS.

You will then need to add our portal: geoscience.vpn.wisc.edu.

On my mac,  there is a little grey globe icon on the top middle-right of the screen.

If you are using a pc,  then it is an icon in the “Hidden Icons Area” (lower right hand screen).

Click on the “Gear” icon, then settings.  Add the portal “geoscience.wisc.edu”

Close it, then select the “Connect button”  Make sure you are using the geoscience.wisc.edu portal.

Then connect with your name and password that we have set up initially.