Annie Bauer
Assistant Professor
Isotope Geochemistry and Geochronology annie.bauer@wisc.edu
Weeks 363
Chloe Bonamici
Assistant Professor
Petrology, Isotope Geochemistry, Geochemical Microanalysis bonamici@wisc.edu
Weeks 315
Michael Cardiff
Associate Professor
Hydrogeology cardiff@wisc.edu
(608) 262-2361
412 Weeks Hall
Alan R. Carroll
Sedimentary Basin Analysis carroll@geology.wisc.edu
(608) 345-0667
482 Weeks Hall
Chuck DeMets
Alfred Wegener Professor of Geophysics, Dept. Chair
Tectonics chuck@geology.wisc.edu
(608) 262-8598
A250 Weeks Hall
Andrea Dutton
Visiting Associate Professor
Paleoclimate/Paleoceanography, Sea level change, Isotope Geochemistry dutton3@wisc.edu
Phone: TBD
Office: TBD
Kurt L. Feigl
Tectonic Applications of Geodesy feigl@wisc.edu
(608) 262-0176
A248 Weeks Hall
Ken Ferrier
Assistant Professor
Geomorphology, Sea Level Geophysics ken.ferrier@wisc.edu

A462 Weeks Hall

Laurel B. Goodwin
Structural Geology laurel@geology.wisc.edu
(608) 265-4234
179 Weeks Hall
Clark M. Johnson
Vilas Distinguished Professor
Isotope Geochemistry, Geochronology,
Petrology, Astrobiology
(608) 262-1710
329 Weeks Hall
D. Clay Kelly
Micropaleontology and Paleoceanography ckelly@geology.wisc.edu
(608) 262-1698
A462 Weeks Hall
Shaun Marcott
Assistant Professor
Paleoclimatology, Geochronology, Glacial Geology smarcott@wisc.edu
483 Weeks Hall
Stephen R. Meyers
Vilas Distinguished Professor
Paleoclimatology, Sedimentary Geochemistry, Stratigraphy smeyers@geology.wisc.edu
(608) 890-2574
A466 Weeks Hall
Shanan Peters
Dean L. Morgridge Professor
Sedimentary Geology and Paleobiology peters@geology.wisc.edu
(608) 262-5987
495 Weeks Hall
Eric E. Roden
Albert and Alice Weeks Professor
Geomicrobiology, Biogeochemistry, Microbial Ecology eroden@geology.wisc.edu
(608) 890-0724
A348 Weeks Hall
Bradley S. Singer
Vilas Distinguished Professor
Geochronology and Igneous Geochemistry bsinger@geology.wisc.edu
(608) 265-8650
387 Weeks Hall
Clifford H. Thurber
Vilas Distinguished Professor
Seismology thurber@geology.wisc.edu
(608) 262-6027
104A Weeks Hall
Basil Tikoff
Structural Geology and Tectonics basil@geology.wisc.edu
(608) 262-4678
176 Weeks Hall
Huifang Xu
Mineral Science, Nano-geoscience,
and Electron Microscopy
(608) 265-5887
A352 Weeks Hall
Chris Zahasky
Assistant Professor
Hydrogeology czahasky@wisc.edu
(608) 265-4274
419 Weeks Hall
Lucas Zoet
Assistant Professor
Glaciology and Glacial Geology lzoet@wisc.edu
(608) 262-1921
256 Weeks Hall