Basil Tikoff

Basil Tikoff
Structural Geology and Tectonics
(608) 262-4678
Office: 179 Weeks Hall

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I view myself as a quantitative field geologist.  I enjoy working on how deformation occurs on a variety of different levels within the Earth’s tectonic plates.  Consequently, I tend to work a lot on shear zones.  My group uses a variety of tools to address questions associated with structural geology and tectonics: Geological field mapping, kinematic modeling, microstructural analysis, geomagnetism (paleomagnetism and AMS), statistics, and gravity surveys.

A list of ongoing projects, grouped thematically, is listed below:

-Granite emplacement and magmatic arc processes*

-Interaction of magma bodies and geological structures

-Strike-slip tectonism*

-Strain localization

-Deformation of the lithospheric mantle*

-Deformation of the lower crust

-Extracting rheological information from naturally deformed rocks

-Tectonics of the western United States*

-Tectonics of the central America and northern Caribbean

-Tectonics of the early Earth

*Core areas

I also work on developing a digital data system for geological data (StraboSpot), using drones in geological research, and understanding human cognition related to spatial thinking (with cognitive sciences).


Courses that I am presently teaching:

Integrated Liberal Studies (ILS 153)

Geoscience 202, Introduction to Geological Structures

Geoscience 402, Research and Communication in the Geological Sciences

Geoscience 455, Structural Geology

Geoscience 514, History of Geology

Geology 556, Mountains Belts

Geology 755, Advanced Structural Geology

Multiple Fieldtrip classes

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