Basil Tikoff

Basil Tikoff
Structural Geology and Tectonics
(608) 262-4678
Office: 179 Weeks Hall
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I view myself as a quantitative field geologist. I try to use a simultaneous
combination of field geology, geophysical methods, physical (analog) models,
and numerical models to understand three-dimensional deformation. Ongoing
projects are on a range of scales and crustal levels in order to consider
deformation of the entire lithosphere. My students and I use a variety of tools to
address questions associated with structural geology and tectonics: Kinematic
modeling, Electron BackScatter Diffraction (EBSD) for LPO, Geomagnetism
(Paleomagnetism and AMS), Shape Preferred Orientation, and Gravity surveys.
I have advised 7 PhD students and 14 Masters students.
A list of ongoing projects, grouped thematically, is listed below:
-Granite emplacement and magmatic arc processes
-Strike-slip tectonism
-Deformation of the lithospheric mantle
-Extracting rheological information from naturally deformed rocks
-Strain localization
-Deformation of the lower crust
-Tectonics of the western United States
-Tectonics of the central America and northern Caribbean


Courses that I am presently teaching:
Integrated Liberal Studies (ILS 251 & 252)
Geology 202, Introduction to Geological Structures
Geology 204, Historical Geology
Geology 455, Structural Geology
Geology 556, Mountains Belts
Geology 755, Advanced Structural Geology
Multiple Fieldtrip classes

Departmental Responsibilities

I am currently the chair of the graduate studies committee.