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Cliff Thurber


Clifford H. Thurber 
(608) 262-6027 
Office: 104A Weeks Hall 
Recent Publications | Geophysics Research



Professor Thurber is an international leader in research on three-dimensional seismic imaging ("seismic tomography") using earthquakes. His primary research interests are in the application of seismic tomography to fault zones, volcanoes, and subduction zones, with a long-term focus on the San Andreas fault in central California and volcanoes in Hawaii and Alaska. Other areas of expertise include earthquake location (the topic of a book he edited) and geophysical inverse theory (the topic of a book he co-authored).


At the undergraduate level, Professor Thurber has taught General Geology, Environmental Geology, and Applied Geophysics. At the graduate level, Professor Thurber has taught Physics of the Earth II (Seismology), Geophysical Inverse Theory, Tectonophysics, and a variety of seminars on faults and volcanoes. In spring 2012, he will be coteaching Geophysical Inverse Theory (793) and Environmental Geology (106).