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Dana Geary

Dana H. Geary
(608) 263-7754
Office: 315 Weeks Hall

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My primary interest is in the patterns and processes of evolutionary diversification. I also have a strong focus on paleoecology and paleoenvironments, as they provide the context for evolutionary change. Much of my work involves using geochemical methods (stable isotopes and trace elements) to determine what the paleoenvironment was like for the organisms I am studying.

Research projects

Mollusc evolution in Lake Pannon (Mio-Pliocene, central Europe) (primary collaborator: Imre Magyar, Budapest, Hungary).

Paleobiology of Western Interior Cretaceous molluscs (including MS research of Erik Hoffmann and senior thesis research of George Rothdrake; collaborator Peter Harries, University of South Florida).

Strombus: ecology, evolution, and shell chemistry (including dissertation research of Jim Freiheit).

Paleoecology and predator-prey interactions in shell beds from the Florida Pleistocene (primary collaborator: Gwen Daley, Winthrop University).

Provinciality, migration, and evolution of Devonian brachiopod communities (dissertation research of Paul Mayer).

Paleoecology and biogeography of Pleistocene terrestrial gastropods (dissertation research of Matt Kuchta).

Current graduate students

Jim Freiheit - PhD in progress on the shell chemistry of strombid gastropods (Sr/Ca, C and O stable isotopes) as paleoenvironmental indicators.

Erik Hoffmann - PhD in progress - reconstructing environmental variability in source habitats of invasive molluscs using shell chemistry.

Matt Kuchta - PhD in progress on the paleoecology of Pleistocene terrestrial gastropods from the upper Midwest.

Paul Mayer - PhD in progress on provinciality, migration, and evolution of Devonian brachiopod communites.

Current and recent undergraduates involved in research

Clint Boyd: Enamel microstructure of hadrosaurid dinosaurs. Clint is now a graduate student at North Carolina State University.

Eron Drew: Non-marine ostracodes of the Green River Formation.

Emily Kleiber: Stereotypy of gastropod predation on bivalves from the Fort Thompson and Bermont Formations (Pleistocene, Florida)

Summer Ostrowski: Paleoenvironmentally-correlated differences in the paleoethology of Chione cancellata�s predators and epibionts. Summer is now a graduate student at SUNY Stony Brook.

Christine Pagelsdorf : Morphometrics of Chione cancellata in the Fort Thompson and Bermont Formations (Pleistocene, Florida).

George Rothdrake: Mollusc diversity in the Bearpaw cyclothem, Western Interior Cretaceous.

Holly Schultz : Ontogenetic and phyletic change in two lineages of cardiid bivalves, Lake Pannon (Mio-Pliocene, Hungary). Holly is now a graduate student at the University of Iowa.


Geology 110: Evolution and Extinction (every spring semester)

Geology 540: Invertebrate Paleontology (fall semester of odd years, incl. 2005)

Geology 541: Paleobiology (fall semester of even years, incl. 2006)

Geology 940: Seminar in Paleobiology (spring 2006)