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John Fournelle

Director, Electron Microprobe Lab and SEM Lab
(608) 262-7964
Office: 306A Weeks Hall

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My research interests span a wide range from the geological to the material sciences. They currently include study of fundamental issues in EPMA such as peak shifts for the important elements in geologically relevant materials: Mg, Al, Si and Na; and use of the Penepma Monte Carlo program to evaluate secondary fluorescence effects in a wide range of materials (e.g. Ti in zircon) and to examine difficult materials for EPMA (e.g. Al-Ir compounds). I have worked on, and continue to do so, on volcanic glasses and minerals, e.g., fingerprinting Ordovician bentonites by apatite chemistry. Other studies have been on volcanic anhydrite, trace element mapping of Pb in cast iron, quantitation of boron in Mo-Si-B phases. I also evaluate thin films of various materials.


I teach Geology 777, Electron Microprobe Analysis.