Personal Pages and New Site Features

Every faculty member now has an account and a main personal page (staff members will have to create one) on the new WordPress site. The contents of the main personal page is displayed on the official page (below the dynamically generated content which lists basic information held in the personnel database seperate from the website). This personal page contains the information which was previously contained in the database (Research, Teaching, Departmental Responsibilities, etc), allowing you to more easily edit it. You no longer need to login to the personnel edit page to do so. You can create sub-pages of the main one I created for you. This is where you can create/recreate your personal content if you wish to.

You have several options here (please don’t hesitate to ask for help):

– permanent: migrate your pages by hand using copy and paste, updating the links and uploading the images
– permanent: an HTML importing tool that I can run that will create new pages based on your folder heirarchy on the old site (but still requiring link updating and picture uploading)
– permanent: create new content on the personal sub-pages
– temporary: use an iframe (a window to another page) to show your old site on the new one (but not on the main personal page)

Also, you may be interested in the new features and capabilities of the new website. Here are some of the major ones:

– Mobile Apps for publishing content:  iPhone, Android, Blackberry
– Mobile formatting for viewing pages on phones and other mobile devices
– Twitter integration for news posts (@uwgeoscience is the account name)
– Categorical News Posts displayed dynamically on the front page and news page (articles only need to be approved by a Maintainer: Ben, Patrick, Mary, Jansi, Jane, or Michelle)
– Ability to restrict pages you own
– no software needed other than a browser to create and edit pages
– WYSIWYG editor includes paste-from-Word
– Resource calendar for scheduling events