CAMECA Probe Users

2015 CAMECA SX Users Meeting: June 3-4-5, Madison, WI

Planning is occurring now for the next SX-users meeting, to be held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where the first SXFive FE Probe in North America has just been installed.

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In June 2013, we reconstituted a North American Cameca (“sx”) electron probe users group, with a meeting here in Madison organized and hosted by CAMECA, whose NorthAmerican headquarters is in Fitchburg, a few miles south of the University of Wisconsin. At that meeting, we ‘self-organized and created an ad hoc users steering committee  of Mike Jercinovic (U Mass Amherst), John Fournelle (UW Madison), Marty Yates (U Maine). The goal being to foster increased communication between Cameca electron probe users and Cameca application lab, service and sales personnel,  and between users. Read a report of the 2013 users meeting 

At the AGU conference in December 2013, CAMECA hosted a lunch time meeting and Michel Outrequin gave a presentation.

In late July 2014, just prior to the IUMAS-Microscopy&Microanysis meeting in Hartford, we met at U Mass-Amherst, and a range of topics were discussed. Read a report of the 2014 users meeting.

Below: 2015 CAMECA Users Meeting @UW-Madison, in new SXFive FE lab.

Picture users in sx5 lab

Below: 2013 CAMECA Users Meeting in Madison


Below: 2013 CAMECA Users Lunch at AGU, San Francisco


Below: 2014 CAMECA Users Meeting: Probers Heavy in Discussion at U Mass-Amherst GeoChron lab