Quaternary & Glacial Research Group

Contributions in Quaternary Geology, Glacial Geomorphology, and Glaciology by members of the Geoscience Department and the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey.


Jacob Woodard atop Mulajokull Glacier in Iceland

University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Quaternary and Glacial group is focused on understanding the history and mechanics that have dictated the recent geologic past in order to improve projections of the future.  Shaun Marcott leads a group of researchers who seek to understand how climate has fluctuated over the Quaternary and what affects those fluctuations have had on the geologic record.  Luke Zoet leads a group of researchers who look to understand the processes that control glaciers, using techniques from both glaciology and glacial geomorphology.




Ice Age Wisconsin compilation

Glacial Seismicity of North East Greenland Ice Stream

Using Ground Penetrating Radar to investigate drumlin formation

Sliding mechanics of glaciers

Deformation of debris laden ice

LiDAR investigation of the Green Bay Lobe’s surface glacial geologic features

Classes Taught:

Glaciology (Graduate)


Glacial and Pleistocene Geology

Glacial and Pleistocene Geology Seminar


MATLAB Seminar