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The S.W. Bailey Powder X-ray Diffraction Laboratory

  The S.W.Bailey Powder X-ray Diffraction Laboratory (Powder XRD Lab) is located in the Geoscience department, University Wisconsin – Madison. Our facility has two powder X-ray diffractiometers: a Scintag pad V and a Rigaku Rapid II diffractometers. Scintag diffractometer is capable for most of the geological materials (rocks, minerals, clays etc.) using with Cu X-ray source and Rigaku diffractometer installed in 2009 equipped with Mo X-ray source specified for micro-area analysis and also capable for heavy metal containing samples (Fe, Co etc.).

  Our facility is open access for all the campus researchers and external users. The new users can be trained in the use of the instrument and are encouraged to make full use of the analytical capabilities and expertise offered by this laboratory. We offer training sessions in basic theory and technique. Training sessions are hold upon requests. For scheduling please contact to our XRD lab manager.

Powder X-ray Diffraction

Powder X-ray diffraction technique is able to identify the phases in the specimen by fitting its powder X-ray diffraction pattern using the crystal structure database (JADE, PDF 4+). It is also able to calculate the lattice parameters, quantitative analysis such as determination of phase composition, etc. Powder XRD technique is nondestructive analytical technique that allows to reanalyze or apply further analysis to the sample.


Analytical capabilities of the XRD lab

Powder Diffraction: Particle sizing, Strain analysis, Phase identification, Structure refinement, Quantitative phase composition, Lattice parameter determination, Characterization of amorphous components, Pole Figures Texture (preferred orientation), Single crystal orientation determination, Bicrystal orientation determination.  See the detail applications (download pdf).