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Our research group regularly participates in departmental field trips to exotic and geologically-interesting locales. Student costs are minimal, and these trips are an excellent opportunity to experience geology first-hand.
Active Tectonics and Sedimentation – California, 2009
Combined field trip with Sedimentology
Traveled along the San Andreas fault and the numerous subsidiary faults. Examined various sediment packages, including the Franciscan melange and Great Valley sandstone
San Andreas Trip Group
Dinosaur National Monument – Utah, 2007
Combined field trip with Paleontology
Mitten Park Fault
Geology of Argentina – 2006
Combined field trip with Quaternary Geology and Sedimentology
Huge Mud Cracks
South Africa – 2002
Combined field trip with Economic Geology
Pyrenees – Spain, 2001
Combined field trip with Sedimentology
Caledonides – Norway, 2000
Combined field trip with Petrology

Fault Seal