Shanan Peters Recognized With Paleontological Society Award

Shanan Peters is the newly announced recipient of the Charles Schuchert Award from the Paleontological Society, awarded to “a person under 40 whose work early in his or her career reflects excellence and promise in the science of paleontology.” 
Congratulations Shanan!!
–Harold Tobin

Via Mark A. Wilson, Secretary of The Paleontological Society:

Dear Colleagues:

It is my pleasure to announce our 2014 Paleontological Society award winners. You will hear more about these accomplished people at our Annual Meeting in October. For now, we congratulate the following (with links to the award pages) —

The Harrel S. Strimple Award recognizes outstanding achievement in paleontology by amateurs (someone who does not make a living full-time from paleontology). Contributions may be an outstanding record of research and publication, making outstanding collections, safeguarding unique paleontological materials through public service, teaching activities in the area of paleontology, and collaborations with others working in paleontology.

The 2014 Strimple Award recipient: Héctor Gerardo Porras Múzquiz (Coahuila, México)

The Charles Schuchert Award is presented to a person under 40 whose work early in his or her career reflects excellence and promise in the science of paleontology, and thus reflects the objectives and standards of the Paleontological Society.

The 2014 Schuchert Award recipient: Shanan Peters (University of Wisconsin)

The Paleontological Society Medal is the most prestigious honor bestowed by the Society, reflecting the objectives and standards of the Society. It is awarded to a person whose eminence is based on advancement of knowledge in paleontology.

The 2014 Paleontological Society Medalist: Erle Kauffman (Indiana University)

Please congratulate our award recipients when you get the chance, and think about nominees for next year’s awards. The instructions for submitting nominations are on our Paleontological Society website at the links above.

Best Wishes,

Mark A. Wilson
Secretary, The Paleontological Society