Weeks Lecture – Jessica R. Meyer -Nov 7th 2014, Friday, 3:30 PM, Room AB20 – Weeks Hall

Weeks Lecture


Jessica R. Meyer
University of Guelph


Nov 7th 2014, Friday, 3:30 PM, Room AB20 – Weeks Hall

A ‘Hydraulics First’ Approach to Delineation of a Hydrogeologic Units in Sedimentary Rock Flow Systems

A key component of all groundwater investigations is characterizing the three-dimensional distribution of hydraulic conductivity contrasts in the subsurface. Portions of the flow domain with contrasting hydraulic conductivities are then conceptualized as hydrogeologic (or hydrostratigraphic) units. These units serve as the framework for conceptual and numerical models and guide the placement of monitoring well screens used to collect the hydraulic data necessary for parameterizing and calibrating numerical models. Adequate representation and prediction of groundwater flow processes requires that hydrogeologic units be delineated on the basis of hydraulic information. However, in practice, delineation of hydrogeologic units is often based on data that is indirect with respect to hydraulic properties or blended hydraulic data. This purpose of this presentation is to introduce a novel method of hydrogeologic unit delineation which utilizes high resolution hydraulic head profiles to identify hydraulic conductivity contrasts and show how it is being applied to improve conceptual and numerical modeling of a contaminated sedimentary rock site in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin.