8. Nebraska Sandhills, Missouri Valley Loess, Mississippi River

133-05: Windmill in Nebraska Sand Hills, 15 miles south of Newport, NE. View to south. Note how the cattle trails break through the grass cover. Spruce cones, wood and pollen have been found at the base of ponds (like those at the upper right of the view) in parts of the Sand Hills, suggesting that the vegetation was very different at the end of the last ice age. (16Apr66)

133-07: Stream meanders of the Elkhorn River, 2 miles west of O'Neill, NE. View to the south. (16Apr66)

134-16: Loess Hills make up valley wall of the Missouri River in western IA. View to north on east side of Missouri River, southeast of Omaha, NE. (20May66)

134-09: Mississippi River islands near Cassville, WI. View to north. (20May66)

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