Our Progress

When possible, we track our progress through milestones and measurement. Below, you’ll find a list of activities and progress completed over the past 3 years that has helped to improve our Department’s diversity, equity, and inclusiveness.


Slack Channel

To promote communication and inclusiveness, the D&I Committee has launched a collaborative Slack Workspace. Use this workspace to join the conversations at:geosciencedicommittee.slack.com

Screen capture of Slack Channel Window
Open Meetings
Geoscience D&I Committee meetings can now be attended by all members of the Weeks Hall Community. Meetings are generally held on Tuesdays, and announcements will be sent to the Weeks Hall general e-mail list.
External picture of Weeks Hall




Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Committee Formalized

The Department unanimously voted to form a committee of Faculty, Staff, and Students that advises the Department on issues related to social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusivity. The D&I Committee provides a forum for biweekly open discussion, develops new departmental initiatives and programs, and makes recommendations to the faculty on continuous Departmental improvement.

Prior Progress

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