Association for Women Geoscientists comes to UW Madison!

Author: Natalie Schmer (B.S. Geoscience and Environmental Science 2019)

Greetings GeoBadgers!

This is your newly-founded UW-Madison chapter of AWG (Association for Women Geoscientists) and we are really excited to be here! Our goal is to provide a safe, inclusive community to support women pursuing careers in the earth sciences and address issues that women in our field face daily. We also are really excited to conduct outreach and community service focused on introducing young women and girls to the wonders of the earth sciences. Our interim executive board includes president Brittany Hupp (PhD Geoscience), secretary Emily Mixon (MS/PhD Geoscience), treasurer Danielle Gygi (Undergraduate Geoscience), and public relations team Allison Jones (MS/PhD Geoscience) and Natalie Schmer (Undergraduate Geoscience and Environmental Science).

For being a new organization, we are happy to say we have been busy! So far, we have had two chapter meetings and have welcomed our friends from departments across campus in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Botany, Engineering, and Environmental Sciences, to name a few. We also have been planning outreach and volunteering events to get involved with the community and are really excited about all the opportunities to make connections and get others excited about earth sciences! (Make sure to watch for announcements to get involved!)

We also have teamed up with GeoPath to lead discussions about women in geoscience. These are called “Diversi-Tea”, where we bring the tea and you bring your friends, to discuss a variety of different issues. A couple of weeks ago, we had one on the “Leaky Pipeline” and had fantastic conversations with students, faculty, and staff on the retention of women in STEM fields. We came up with creative ways for retaining women in STEM fields including implicit bias training, hiring/recruitment strategies, and  support for new parents. We shared ideas about encouraging men to also take advantage of certain resources, to keep the playing field level. Links to our discussion materials are at the bottom. We hope to have more of these types of discussions in the future and we would love see you there! AWG is open to earth scientists (beyond the Geosciences) of all genders and identities–our door is open to you! 

We are very excited to continue building relationships in Geoscience and across campus. We hope you will join us!


AWG, UW-Madison Chapter