Epson Wireless

Epson Projectors Wireless Control

The new Epson 1705 projectors, and the Epson 1735W Projectors in Rooms A257, A259, and 270 are able to be controled over the Weeks Hall wireless network. With the wireless connection, you can project your computer screen with the projector.

If the wireless connection utility does not work for you, you can connect to the projector using the monitor cable in the bag.

If you experience any problems with the projector, please contact a computer support person.

Download the Epson Projector Program

Windows 32/64

OS X Universal

Now supports OSX 10.7 Lion.

1. Double click on file to extract and run installer. Accept all the default values from the installer. Reboot your computer after the install is finished.
2. Connect your computer to the UWNet-Weeks_Hall wireless network.
3. Start up the Epson NS Connector program. * Program Files -> Epson Projector -> EasyMP Network Connection -> EasyMP Network Connection V 2.75 * OS X – Applications -> EasyMP Network Connection -> EasyMP Network Connection
4. When the EMP NS Connection utility starts, select Advanced Connection Mode. Do not select Simple Connection Mode. You will not be able to connect to the projector using the simple mode.
5. To locate your projector, click on Automatic Search. The window should display a list of active Epson projectors.
6. Select the one on the list that matches the label on the projector and click Connect

Epson Projector Names

Epson Projector Name
Room #Number
WEEKS_EPSN_270 Room 270
WEEKS_EPSN_A259 Room A259
WEEKS_EPSN_A257 Room A257

7. The projector will now be displaying your screen. The utility will provide a toolbar will options to control the Epson projector.
8. When you are finished using the projector, click on Disconnect on the toolbar.