Call for content: Display System

Content Submission Guidelines For The First Floor Displays

Types of content we are looking for:
– photos of field trips
– photos of museum events
– photos of special events in the building
– photos of new labs, equipment, etc.
– links to relevant geoscience news or events
– links to Weeks Hall news or events
– flyers for events (in PDF or JPG format)
– videos (should not require sound. some video formats may not work)
***If you have photos to submit, please only submit your best ones (maximum of about 10 photos per event, topic, etc.). If you submit a folder of a hundred photos, we won’t know which ones are actually important to you.
– Photos:  Please either put a caption on the photos (lower right works best), or send captions in an email, or include a text file with the names of the files and a caption for each one. We’ll then take care of it. Captions should include a quick description for a casual observer. Don’t be too technical here if you can help it.
– Links:  Please include a title, especially if you want the link shared on the website as well.
How to Submit
Please do not send photos via email unless you are only sending one or two of them. Either upload them to a network folder like A320, or use a cloud service like ( UW’s utilizes your NetID. Send us a share link to your files.