Weeks Copiers

The copiers are named Weeks_Copier1 and Weeks_Copier2. They are basically identical (minor differences in stapling capabilities) and both allow for color printing and copying.

Driver files

Windows (64bit)

PCL driver

PS driver



Installation Instructions


Windows 7


MacOS Installation

Download and open the driver file here first. Double click the pkg file to run the installer. Follow the prompts to successfully install the drivers.

Then go to System Preferences->Printers & Scanners.

Click the + icon to add a new printer

In the Default tab, scroll down if necessary and select Weeks_Copier1 or Weeks_Copier2.

In the drop-down menu next to “Use:”, click “RICOH MP C4504ex PS”.

Click Add. If you do not see “RICOH MP C4504ex PS” in the list above, you may need to reboot your Mac and try again.

After it is finished, click on the printer in the Printers list on the left side, and then click “Options & Supplies”.

Click the Options tab. Change the settings to the ones you see here for Weeks_Copier1 and click OK:

For Weeks_Copier2, use these settings:


Method 2 (if Method 1 does not work, even after reboot)

Click IP in the top left. For Weeks_Copier1, use the address below. For Weeks_Copier2, use weeks_copier2.geology.wisc.edu.

Then, in the “Use:” drop-down menu, click “Select Software…” Type c4504 in the search box, choose “RICOH MP C4504ex PS”, and click OK. Then click Add.

The copier now needs to be configured. Click on one of the new copiers listed and then click “Options & Supplies”. Then click Options at the top and configure according to the screenshots below. PLEASE NOTE: Weeks_Copier1 has an SR3240 Finisher and Weeks_Copier2 has an SR3210 Finisher.

Settings for Weeks_Copier1

Settings for Weeks_Copier2

In order to successfully print, you will need to enter your copier code. Follow the instructions here for entering your code when printing from a program.

Windows 7 Installation

Download and open the Windows (64bit) PCL driver file here first. It will extract files to a folder you choose. Then follow these instructions here, but choose the driver files you just extracted and select the model as seen below.

Windows 10 Installation

Open Windows Settings from the Start Menu by clicking the gear icon seen below.

Click “Devices” in the Windows Settings screen.

Click “Add a printer or scanner” here.

Windows will then search for printers. You should then see two printers, one named “Weeks_Copier1” and one named “Weeks_Copier2”.

Click on one of them and then click “Add device”.

You will see a status bar like this during installation. Wait for it to finish.

Once installed you will see it listed. Click on the printer and then click “Manage”.


Then click “Printing Preferences”.

Navigate to the window seen below and enter your User Code. Click OK.

You should now be able to print. Repeat the steps for the other copier.