Affiliated Faculty

Assistant Professor Bacteriology
Office 4550 Microbial Sciences Building Other Lab: 4545 Microbial Sciences Building Phone: (608) 265 4537 Website: Website Website: Google Scholar
Quaternary Geology, Glacial Processes and Glacial History
Office WGNHS Phone: 262-6131 Website:
State Geologist, Director Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey
Office WGNHS – 3817 Mineral Point Rd. Phone: 608 263-7921 Website:
WGNHS Quaternary Geology and Fluvial Geomorphology
Office 3817 Mineral Point Rd. Phone: 890-1998 Website:
Assistant Adjunct Hydrology
Office USGS Phone: 821-3894 Website:
Assistant Civil and Environmental Engineering, Geological Engineering
Office A268 Weeks; 2258 Engineering Phone: 608/265-5644 Website:
Office 5116 Chamberlin Hall Phone: 608-262-5829 Website:
Emeritus Materials Science and Engineering
Office 225 Materials Sci & Eng Bldg Phone: 262-2563 Website:
Assistant WGNHS
Office WGNHS – 3817 Mineral Point Rd. Website:
Adjunct Hydrogeology
Office USGS Phone: 821-3847 Website:
Office USGS Phone: 821-3843 Website:
Assistant Sedimentary Geology and Paleobiology; Environmental Sciences WGNHS
Office 3817 Mineral Point Rd. Phone: 262-8658
Carbonate Sedimentology
Office WGNHS Phone: 263-7384 Website:
Rock Mechanics, Geomechanics, Fault Mechanics
Office 2212 Engineering Hall Phone: 608-890-0531 Website: http://NULL
Harvey D. Spangler Professor of Engineering College of Engineering
Office Room 242, Materials Science and Engineering 1509 University Avenue Madison WI 53706 Phone: (608) 265-5878 Website:
Assistant WGNHS
Office 3817 Mineral Point Road Phone: 608-262-3385