Brad Singer


Professor Geochronology/Volcanology/Igneous Geochemistry

WiscAr Geochronology Laboratory
Introduction to Radioisotopic Dating (tutorial)
The 40Ar/39Ar method (tutorial)

Email:  Office: 387 Weeks Hall.  tel: 608 265 8650

Singer CV |   NSF Rhyolite Dynamics Southern Andes
NSF EarthCube Geochronology Workshop Executive Summary. Madison Oct. 2013

My research uses high-precision geochronology to resolve fundamental geoscientific problems, mainly in three areas: (1) linking the long-term evolution of volcanoes to current states of activity and unrest, (2) the history of the earth’s magnetic field and geodynamo, and (3) chronostratigraphy and evolution of sedimentary basins. The WiscAr Geochronology Laboratory is sought out by researchers and students both within our Department and from outside of the University of Wisconsin-Madison to address volcanic, igneous, tectonic, and sedimentary processes.


Geoscience 140: Natural Disasters and Hazards

Geoscience 610: Geochronology, Timescales, & Rates of Geological Processes

Geoscience 771: Igneous Petrology for graduate students

Geoscience 370: Introductory Petrology

Geoscience 875, Graduate Research Seminars on igneous processes

Current Students & Postdocs

Jacob Klug (PhD, volcanology, igneous processes)

Emily Mixon (PhD, volcanology, igneous processes)

Benjamin Bruck (PhD, geochronology, chronostratigraphy)

Pablo Moreno Jaeger (PhD, geochronology, volcanology)

Youjuan Li (Post-Doc, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China; geochronology)

Recent PhD Grads and where they are now

Nathan Andersen (Research Geologist, USGS, Cascades Volcano Observatory, Vancouver, WA)

Allen Schaen (Assistant Research Scientist, University of Arizona, Reiners Lab)