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L. Gordon Medaris, Jr.

Emeritus Professor Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
Office 361 Weeks Hall Phone: 262-2708
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Since retiring in 1998, I have continued to do research on the petrology, thermobarometry, and geochemistry of peridotites and eclogites, topics in which I have had a career-long interest. Continuing projects include the investigation of peridotite massifs and eclogites in western Norway, central Europe (Bohemian Massif), and southern Carpathians, and peridotite xenoliths from volcanic centers in the Eger graben (Czech Republic), As-Shamah field (Syria), and along the San Andreas Fault System (central California). Closer to home, I have been collaborating with departmental colleagues on various aspects of Precambrian geology in the Lake Superior region, with emphasis on the age, paleoclimatology, and metamorphism of Baraboo Interval sedimentary rocks.

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