John Valley – CV

John W. Valley
Charles R. Van Hise Professor
Stable Isotope Geochemistry and Metamorphic Petrology
(608) 263-5659
Office: 345 Weeks Hall

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Charles R. Van Hise Professor of Geology

Department of Geoscience                                          Phone: 608-263-5659

The University of Wisconsin                                      FAX:   608-262-0693

Madison, Wisconsin 53706                              


The University of Michigan          PhD 1980, MS 1977
Dartmouth College                         AB  1970


The University of Wisconsin- Madison: Charles R. Van Hise Professor 2005-; Chair 1996-1999; Full Professor 1989-; Associate Professor 1985-89; Assistant Professor 1983-85

California Institute of Technology- Visiting Scientist 2000

University of Edinburgh: Fulbright Scholar, 1989-90

Rice University: Assistant Professor, 1980-83


American Geophysical Union: Member 1975-; Nominating Committee 1990-91; 1992-93;

Dept. of Energy: Review Panel for Project Assessment 1993; Comm. of Visitors BES 2011

Elements: Past-Editors Advisory Panel 2016- Geochemical Society: Member 2001-; Committees: Program 1988-91, Goldschmidt Medal 2003-07

Geological Society of America: Member 1985-; Program Committee 1988-91; Penrose & Day Medal Committees 2008-12

Gemological Institute of America: Board of Governors 2014-

Mineralogical Society of America: President 2005-2006; Member 1974-, Committees: Committees 1986-87, 1999-00, 2004-04; Research Grants, Chair 1994-95; Search for Editor of American Mineralogist 1987-88, 1992-93; Awards 1990-91; Roebling Medal, Chair, 1993-94; Nominating 1987-88, 1992-93, Chair 1995-96; Short Courses, Chair 2001-03; MSA Council 1993-96

NSF: Review Panel, Division of Earth Sciences, 1985-88, 1991; Committee of Visitors, Earth Sciences 2001; Committee of Visitors, Major Research Instrumentation 2005

NRC Committee on the Scientific Context for the Exploration of the Moon 2006-07


Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Associate Editor 2019-
American Journal of Science: Associate Editor 1996- present
Elements: Principal Editor 2011-2015, Guest Editor 2006, Advisory Board 2004-2007
MSA/GS Reviews in Mineralogy & Geochemistry: Editor vol. 43, 2001
Journal of Geophysical Research: Associate Editor 1992
GSA Bulletin: Associate Editor 1985-91
MSA Reviews in Mineralogy: Editor vol. 16, 1986

Awards and honors

Day Medal, Geological Society of America 2019
National Academy of Sciences, elected member 2019
Fellow, Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters, 2018
New mineral, valleyite (Ca4Fe6O13), discovered by H. Xu and approved by IMA 2017
Hilldale Award for career achievement in research, teaching & service, UW-Madison 2017
Fellow, American Association for Advancement of Science 2016
Honored Instructor Award for teaching Introductory Geology 2013, 2016
Fellow, Geochemical Society 2011
Fellow, European Association of Geochemistry 2011
Fellow, American Geophysical Union 2006
President, Mineralogical Society of America 2005-06
WARF Named Professorship (Charles R. Van Hise Professor) 2005-
N.L. Bowen Award, American Geophysical Union 2003
Original Member, I.S.I. Highly Cited Researcher 2002- present
Listed in A to Z of Earth Scientists (150 notable Earth scientists, 18th century to present),
Kellett Mid-career Award, University of Wisconsin 2001
Vilas Associate, University of Wisconsin 1999
Fellow, Mineralogical Society of America 1993
Fellow, Geological Society of America 1992
Fulbright Scholar, University of Edinburgh 1989-90
Romnes Faculty Fellowship, University of Wisconsin 1989
Hobbs Fellow 1978, Rackham Fellow 1979, University of Michigan

PhD STUDENTS Advised by J.W. Valley   (*co-advised)

Adam Denny          2019
Tyler Blum            2019   NSF Fellow, UW-Madison & MPIE-Düsseldorf
Ben Linzmeier*     2017   Post-doc, Northwestern University
Phil Gopon*          2016   Post-doc, Oxford University
Chloe Bonamici     2013   Assistant Professor, UW-Madison
Anthony Pollington 2013  Scientist, Los Alamos Natl. Lab.
Ian Orland             2012   Research Scientist, Wisconsin Geological & Nat. History Survey
Aaron Cavosie       2005   Research Fellow, Curtin University
Jade Star Lackey    2005   Associate Professor, Pomona College
Elizabeth King       2001   Associate Professor, Illinois State University, retired
William Peck         2000   Professor, Colgate University
John E. Eiler          1994   Sharp Distinguished Professor, California Institute of Technology
Don Elsenheimer   1992   Senior Planner, Minn. Dept. Natural Resources
Douglas Crowe*    1990   Professor, University of Georgia
Steve R. Dunn       1989   Professor, Mt. Holyoke College
Julie K. Vry*         1989   Lecturer, University of Wellington, New Zealand
Jean Morrison        1988   Provost and Professor of Geology, Boston University
Claudia I. Mora      1988   Dean, Jackson School of Earth Science, UT-Austin, Deputy Division Leader, LANL; Prof. Emerita, U. of Tennessee
Will Lamb             1987   Professor, Texas A&M University

MS STUDENTS Advised by J.W. Valley

Rachelle Turnier  2017
Evan Cameron     2017
Adam Denny   2016
Jake Cammack    2015
David McDougal*2015
Tyler Blum          2013
Ben Linzmeier*  2012
Ashley Russell   2011
Raiza Quintero    2011
Jason Huberty*   2010
Dayanidi Ortiz   2010
Ian Orland   2008
Penny Lancaster  2007
Jacque Kelly   2006
Jake Eaton   2004
Beth Valaas   2004
J. Thakurta   2003
Cory Clechenko  2001
Jade-Star Lackey 2000
Salma Monani   1999
Elizabeth King    1997
William Peck   1996
Carrie Gilliam   1996
Katrina Edwards 1996
Nami Kitchen      1995
Martha Gerdes    1991
John Eiler   1991
Dan Harlov   1988
Don Elsenheimer1988
Lee Riciputi   1987
AM Hazelwood  1987
J.S. Park   1986
Will Lamb   1983
Claudia Mora   1983

POST-DOCS Advised by J.W. Valley, Dates at U.W., Present Position   (*Co-advised)

Ben Linzmeier                2019-       Post-doc, UW-Madison
Tyler Blum                      2019-       Post-doc, UW-Madison
Maria Scicchitano          2018-       Post-doc, UW-Madison
Akizumi Ishida               2016-17   Assistant Professor, Tohoku University
Huan Cui                         2015-18   Research Scientist, Univ. of Brussels
Ian Orland                      2014-16   Research Scientist, Wisc. Geol. & Nat. History Survey
Navot Morag                   2013-14   Geochemist, Geol. Survey of Israel
Maciej Sliwinski             2013-18   Self-employed
Kevin Lepot                    2011        Assistant Professor, Univ. of Lille
Ayumi Hyodo                 2010-11   Research Scientist, Texas A&M
Ariel Strickland              2010-12   Adj. Prof., Lone Star College
Ken Williford                 2010-12   Staff Scientist, JPL-Caltech
Kouki Kitajima               2010-13   Research Scientist, UW-Madison
Anne-Sophie Bouvier    2009         Director, SIMS Lab. Univ. Lausanne
Craig Grimes                   2008-09   Assistant Professor, Ohio University, retired
Philipp Heck                   2008-09   Curator of Meteorites, Field Museum, Chicago
Reinhard Kozdon           2007-15   Research Scientist, Lamont-Doherty, Columbia Univ.
Takayuki Ushikubo*      2006-13   Research Scientist, JAMSTEK, Japan
Zeb Page                          2005-07   Associate Professor, Oberlin
Bin Fu                              2004-07   Research Scientist, Australian Natl. Univ.
Yaron Katzir                   1999-02   Associate Professor, Ben-Gurion Univ.
Ilya Bindeman                1998-03   Professor, Univ. of Oregon
Vicki McConnell            1997-98   Exec. Director of GSA; Oregon State Geologist Emerita
Biswajit Mukhopadhyay 1994-95   Environmental Geology
Matthew Kohn                1991-96   Professor, Boise State University
Bryce Winter*                1991-93   Environmental Geochemist
Ian Cartwright               1986-88   Professor, Monash University
Steve Komor                  1986-88   Geochemist, USGS, retired



Paulikas GA, Pieters CM, Valley JW, 17 others (2007) Scientific Context For Exploration of the Moon, NRC/NAS, National Academies Press, 114p.

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