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As a part of the educational state institute, our XRD lab offer the opportunity for young scientists to gain research experiences through various geological projects. We also open the door for the many researchers from various departments on UW campus to support and complete their researches. Introducing here for the brilliant scientists completed their works.


Gabriela Farfan (West High School, Madison WI)

Gabriela Farfan, from Madison West High School, worked with Prof. Xu in the Wisc-Nano-Geoscience Laboratory (WNG Lab) in UW-Madison. Ms. Farfan did research for the causes of color in gems (Oregon sunstone). She presented a poster in the UW Geology Graduate Student research symposium and at the international Goldschmidt Conference. She won the 10th place out of 1600 competers of the Intel Science Talent Search in 2009. The Intel Scence Talent Search is the program for Society for Science & the Piblic (SSP) that identify the nation’s most promising future scientists and celebrates the bright and brilliant young minds as they compete for one of the most esteemed honors bestowed in high school seniors in the United States. Ms. Farfan continued her undergraduate study at Stanford University and currently study as a Ph.D student at MIT .

Dr. Randall W. Law (Ph.D. Anthropology UW-Madison)

  Dr. Randall W. Law received his Ph.D. degree from Anthropology department, UW-Madison under the supervision of Prof. Kenoyer in 2008. Dr. Law’s research includes life-enriching traveling and excavation experiences at Harappa, Pakistan and across South Asia and examining the precious specimens from ancient period in the lab on UW-Madison campus.  When the specimens are found to be the only one to exist, it requires several analyses to perform on the same sample. Dr. Law performed qualitative analysis using with Rigaku Rapid II X-ray Diffractometer which could  identify phases non-destructively for artifacts e.g. a late Harappan kaolinite bead, and a Nephrite jade amulet discovered from cemetery in Harappa.

  Dr. Law published a book “Inter-regional interaction and urbanism in the ancient Indus Valley : a geologic provenience study of Harappa’s rock and mineral assemblage” (2011. Indus Project, Kyoto, Japan. ISBN:978-4-902325-57-5) based on his Ph.D thesis (Photo from the book cover).