XRD Facilities

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Scintag PAD V

We installed a new Cu Ka X-ray tube (10-15-2013), rated at 2.0 KW. We intend to operate it at 45 kV and 40 mA (exceptions: previous users who wish to continue to run their samples at 40 kV and 35 mA will be permitted). Service for our Scintag Pad V provided by Compass Engineering Company.  The user guide can be found here: Scintag user guide.


Rigaku D/Max Rapid II

The Rigaku D/Max Rapid II diffractometer with a curved two-dimensional imaging plate (2D IP) is designed specifically for micro-area analysis. The Mo Ka X-ray tube operates at 50kV and 50mA (rated at 2.5 KW). The combination of 2D IP and the high intensity X-ray source gives increased diffraction X-ray intensity. Attached in situ device enables rapid measurements of the change in the crystal structure with phase transition as well as thin films analysis. Rigaku user guide can be found here: Rigaku user guide.



MDI DataScan4, RINT RAPID, JXG, 2DP, JADE (for phase identification and quantitative analysis), PDF-4 (powder database, full set updated annually).