Field Trips

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The UW-Madison Department of Geoscience has a long and significant tradition of training undergraduates and graduates in the critical skills of field work. Emphasizing skills of observations, measurements, and interpretation, we routinely sponsor trips to nearby classic localities along the Wisconsin River, Devils Lake and the Baraboo Hills. There have been legendary trips to the Yukon, carbonate trips to the Guadalupe Mountains, and structural geology trips to Wyoming and Lake Superior. Recently, there have been trips to Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, the Canary Islands, the Yucatan, Yucca Mountain, Yellowstone, Dinosaur National Monument, Death Valley, the Rio Grande rift, the iron formations of Michigan, upstate New York, the Greenland Ice Sheet, and the California margin. The Museum has led popular summer museum expeditions for students, teachers and others enthusiasts to collect fossils in Wyoming. The Department sponsors regular course-related field trips to the Black Hills, Badlands, and White Lake (Canada), through gift funds, including the Student Field Experiences Fund.

Earth Magazine Field Camp article:  “Mapping field camp’s past and present: Exploring a mainstay of geoscience education.”


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