A room full of students sit in a Geoscience 100 class (Photo credit: Ethan Parrish)


The complementary fields of geology and geophysics are combined in one interdisciplinary department, with graduate degrees offered in both disciplines. The undergraduate degree is in geology and geophysics. Combined with an emerging geoinformatics program, the potential for rewarding collaborations and discoveries are tremendous.

Meet our Faculty

Shanan Peters

Shanan Peters

Dean L. Morgridge Professor

Paleontology, Sedimentary & Stratigraphy

Basil Tikoff

Basil Tikoff


Structure & Tectonics

Eric Roden

Eric E. Roden

Albert and Alice Weeks Professor

Biogeochemistry, Geochemistry, Hydrogeology

Lucas Zoet

Associate Professor

Geophysics, Glaciology, Surface Processes

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