Group photo of alumni at Cave of the Mounds

Alumni & Friends

The Department of Geoscience Alumni & Friends are an extensive network of more than 3,000 people across the globe. We do our best to maintain current contact information, interests, and connections. To do this, we need your help. Send updates, news, and anything you would like to share to with “Alumni Update” in the subject line.

Explore the many ways alumni continue actively supporting and staying engaged with Geoscience students and the department. We hope you’ll join us.

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Outcrop Alumni Magazine

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Board of Visitors

The Department of Geoscience Board of Visitors was established in 1991 as an Alumni Council. The name was changed in October 2001, but the goals of the Board remain the same:

  1. To assist in generating extramural funds to enhance Department research and teaching activities.
  2. To provide a bridge between professionals and students.
  3. To aid in recruiting top students.
  4. To provide advice on ways to improve the Department’s quality and standing.
  5. To plan an Alumni Day Conference to be held every three years.

Christine Griffith, Chair
Tim Berge, Kirt Campion, Marjorie Chan, Elizabeth Clechenko, Tom Doe, Steven Driese, Evan Franseen, Steve Johannsen, Tina Nielsen, Jeff Pietras, Martin Shields

Nikolas I. Christensen, Craig Eisen, Donald H. Freas, Stanley Hamilton, Carroll Ann Hodges, Thomas Hoffman, Richard Hutchinson, Robert J. Karnauskas, Patrick Lehmann, John Mack, Walter D. Mooney, Jay Nania (deceased), Ned Ostenso (deceased), Christine Rossen, Robert Sneider (deceased), M. Ray Thomasson, Sally Zinke

Alumni Mentor Program

As current and former “residents” of Weeks Hall, geoscience students and alumni have a lot in common. The Board of Visitors’ Alumni Mentor Program can match grad and undergrad students with geoscience alumni. These alumni volunteer to assist with friendly and knowledgeable career advice, either by phone, email, or in person.

If you have questions about the Alumni Mentor Program please contact Tom Holley at:

Distinguished Alumni

Each year since 1999 distinguished alumni of the department have been recognized by the Board of Visitors and faculty “for distinguished lifetime achievement and/or service to the University of Wisconsin-Madison,” and for their outstanding professional achievements. Distinguished Alumni Awards are presented at the annual Spring Banquet.

Ken Bradbury—PhD 1982
William A. Morgan—BS 1975; MS 1977
Dean L. Morgridge—BS 1953; MS 1955

Mark Solien—BS 1970; MS 1976
Chunmiao Zheng—PhD 1988

Thomas W. Doe—MS1973; PhD 1980
William J. Hinze—BS 1951; PhD 1957
Jean Morrison—PhD 1988

2012—no awards made

John Charles Behrendt—BS 1954: MS 1956; PhD 1961
R. Heather Macdonald—MS 1979; PhD 1984

Marjorie A. Chan—PhD 1982
John M. Eiler—MS 1991; PhD 1994

Mark D. Kurz —BS (Chemistry) 1976
Rick Sarg —PhD 1976

John M. Guilbert—MS 1954; PhD 1962
Alfred G. Fischer—BA 1939; MA 1940

J. Lawford Anderson—MS 1972; PhD 1975
Richard W. Hutchinson—MS 1951; PhD 1954
Mark D. Myers—BS 1977; MS 1981

James F. Davis—MS 1956; PhD 1965
Frederick A. Frey—BS (Chemical Engineering) 1960; Ph.D. (Chemistry) 1967
Walter D. Mooney—PhD 1975

Richard B. Alley—PhD 1987

Charles K. Leith—BS 1897; PhD 1901
Lewis G. Weeks—BA 1917
Jay C. NaniaBS 1984, MS 1987

Carl A.P. Fricke—MS 1976
John W. Harbaugh—PhD 1955
Peter R. Vogt—MA 1965; PhD 1968

Philip H. (Pete) Stark—MS 1961; PhD 1963
Richard A. Paull— BS 1952; MS 1953; PhD 1957
and Rachel Krebs Paull—BS 1954; MS 1970; PhD 1980

Ned A. Ostenso—BS 1952; MS 1953; PhD 1962
Robert M. Sneider—PhD 1962
Ray E. Wilcox—PhB 1933; PhM 1937; PhD 1941

Charles C. Bradley—PhB 1935; PhM 1947; PhD 1950
William E. Laing—BS 1951
James D. Robertson—MS 1972; PhD 1975

Kenneth W. Ciriacks—BS 1958
Katharine Fowler-Billings—MS 1929
M. Ray Thomasson—PhD 1959