Alumni Mentor Program

As current and former “residents” of Weeks Hall, geoscience students and alumni have a lot in common. The Board of Visitors’ Alumni Mentor Program can match grad and undergrad students with geoscience alumni. These alumni volunteer to assist with friendly and knowledgeable career advice, either by phone, email, or in person.

If you have questions about the Alumni Mentor Program please contact Tom Holley at: tkholley@UH.EDU


“As a graduate student that has returned to school after a few years in the ‘real world,’ working for the National Park Service and teaching physical geography at UW-Platteville, I think that I can say definitively that one of the greatest strengths of Madison’s department is the love and commitment shown to it by its graduates. The professors and the research are of course topnotch, but I think what sets apart UW-Madison’s program from so many others are the extra opportunities that are provided to students as a result of the generosity of the alumni. The mentoring event is just a small, but important, example of that. I understand that it has been an annual or semi-annual tradition for a few years now and I hope that it continues as it gives students, I think, insights into industry and other ‘real-world’ opportunities that are generally not available from professors. I fear that you and the others who so graciously traveled to Madison, in part for this event, might not think that your efforts are appreciated by the department’s students, as we as a whole I think are too quiet at times, so I wanted to reassure you that I for one really value the mentoring event and hope that it continues in the future. “ – Dept. of Geoscience Graduate Student, 2010

Tom Holley, BOV Mentor Coordinator
Director, Petroleum Engineering Program
University of Houston
PhD 1982, Physics
Email Tom:
Ken Bradbury
Wisconsin Geological & Natural History Survey
PhD 1982
Email Ken:
Paul LaPointe
Golder Associates, Inc.
MS 1976, PhD 1980 (Mining Engineering)
Email Paul:
Tim Lee
Dundee Securities, Toronto
MS 1999
Email Tim:
M. Carol McCartney
Wisconsin Geological & Natural History Survey
MS 1975, PhD 1979
Email Carol:
Bill Morgan
Geoscience Fellow, ConocoPhillips
BS 1975, MS 1977
Email Bill:
Brooke Norsted
The Geology Museum
MS 2003
Email Brooke:
Kuwanna Dyer Pietras
SUNY Binghamton
MS 2005
Email Kuwanna:
Ben Peotter
Ayres Associates Environmental Services
BS 1999
Email Ben:
Jamie Robertson
Salt Creek Petroleum
MS 1972, PhD 1975
Email Jamie:
Mark Solien
Exxon Mobil
BS 1970, MS 1976
Email Mark:
Bill Fitchen
Zubair Project, Oxy Support Services LLC
BS 1987, MA, PhD
Email Bill: