Marianne Haseloff

Position title: Assistant Professor


Phone: 608-262-8598

Weeks Hall A250
1215 W. Dayton Street

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Glaciology Research Group
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My research investigates the physical processes that govern the dynamics of ice sheets and glaciers, and aims to improve the representation of these processes in ice sheet models. Based on observations, my research projects focus on identifying the main drivers of ice sheet change, deriving mathematical representations of these processes suitable for ice sheet models, as well as the solution and analysis of these models with various analytical and numerical tools.

Topics of special interest are:

Ice stream dynamics

Marine ice sheets

Ice/ocean interactions

Icy moons in the solar system

Multiphase fluid dynamics

Viscous fluid dynamics


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Fall 2022:

Glaciology (GEOSCI 720)

Glacial and Pleistocene Seminar (GEOSCI 920)