Paleontology Club

The interests of the  Paleontology Club include vertebrate and invertebrate paleobiology, paleobotany, and paleoecology.

Meetings consist of current events, student-led research presentations, member-led talks, guest lectures, and documentary viewing and discussion. In the spring, we have planned an undergraduate research symposium with both oral and poster presentations. In the fall, we prepare for a holiday silent auction fundraiser.

Any person may join the Paleontology Club , but to be listed as a member, they must attend at least 6 meetings per semester. Active membership requires participation in at least 5 hours of volunteer time during a semester. Benefits of membership include club merchandise discounted to materials cost and free transportation to field trip sites e.g., the Field Museum. Benefits of active membership include complete costs for transportation and admission covered by the club.


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2023-2024 Officers

Vice President:
Graduate Student Advisor: Aaron Kufner
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Clay Kelly