Board of Visitors

Alumni and Friends Board

The Department of Geoscience Board of Visitors was established in 1991 as an Alumni Council. The name was changed in October 2001, but the goals of the Board remain the same:

  1. To assist in generating extramural funds to enhance Department research and teaching activities.
  2. To provide a bridge between professionals and students.
  3. To aid in recruiting top students.
  4. To provide advice on ways to improve the Department’s quality and standing.
  5. To plan an Alumni Day Conference to be held every three years.
Current Members

Christine Griffith, Chair

Tim Berge

Kirt Campion

Marjorie Chan

Elizabeth Clechenko

Tom Doe

Steven Driese

Evan Franseen

Steve Johannsen

Tina Nielsen

Jeff Pietras

Martin Shields

Senior Advisors

Charles Andrews

Donald Cameron

Timothy Carr

Kenneth W. Ciriacks

Doug Connell

James F. Davis

David Divine

Mark Emerson

Maitri Erwin

Carl A.P. Fricke

Thomas Holley

Alfred James

Thomas Johnson

Carol McCartney

Claudia Mora

William Morgan

Jean Morrison

Phillip “Pete” Stark

David Stephenson

Robert Nauta

Marjory Rinaldo-Lee

James D. (Jamie) Robertson

Rick Sarg

Mark Solien

Former Members

Nikolas I. Christensen

Craig Eisen

Donald H. Freas

Stanley Hamilton

Carroll Ann Hodges

Thomas Hoffman

Richard Hutchinson

Robert J. Karnauskas

Patrick Lehmann

John Mack

Walter D. Mooney

Jay Nania (deceased)

Ned Ostenso (deceased)

Christine Rossen

Robert Sneider (deceased)

M. Ray Thomasson

Sally Zinke