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Geo-Badgering is a blog run by graduate students here at The University of Wisconsin-Madison. Geo-Badgering draws on contributions from graduate and undergraduate students in the Geoscience Department, and aims to cover a broad range of topics, from communicating scientific research to a general audience, to sharing field experiences, to answering those deep questions about what an earth science education is really all about! We hope that the experiences shared here will foster a stronger community within the department, and allow for broad impacts to be made by our work and experiences!

Would you like to contribute?

We are looking for short blog posts (200-600 words) about scientific research, lab work, field experiences, internships/industry experiences, and student life in general. 

Please fill out this form, add a photo or two, and email it to

Not sure what to write about? Here are some prompts!

  • What is your research project about? How is it going?
  • Do you do field work? What is that like?
  • What do geologists do when they aren’t in the field? (Lab work? Computational work? Archival work? Class work?)
  • Have you been to a great field camp or on a great field trip/short course?
  • Have you had an internship? How did you get it, and how was it?
  • Did you work or take time before coming to grad school? How was that?
  • Have you applied for grant funding? How did that go?
  • Have you passed your qualifying exams? How did you prepare?
  • Are you stressed out sometimes? What do you do about that?
  • Did you go to lunch with a Weeks Speaker or other guest? Interview them!
  • Do you know cool things about Wisconsin Geology?
  • Have you been to a conference? Do you have tips for first time conference attendees? For presenters?
  • What do you wear to a job interview or a conference?
  • Have you studied abroad in a program related to geology?
  • How is grad school funded?
  • How did you ‘shop’ for grad schools?



Ethan Parrish

Emily Mixon



Social Media links for UW Geology

GGSA: The Graduate Student Association of UW Madison. Check them out on instagram! 

UW Madison GeoPath: A group of graduate and undergraduate students aiming to build near peer mentoring relationships within the Geoscience department.

UW Madison Undergrad Geology Club: Open to all undergraduates interested in learning more about geology, expanding their horizons with field trips and departmental events, and meeting new geo-friends!

Association for Women Geoscientists-UW Madison Chapter: A group of graduate and undergraduate students interested in building community, working towards equity for all, and volunteering in our community via science outreach.

Collegiate Paleontological Association of Wisconsin (CPAW): A state wide consortium dedicated to the promotion of undergraduate and graduate research in paleontology across Wisconsin. CPAW Madison Chapter meets weekly as Paleontology Club on the UW-Madison campus!

Are you interested in Science Communication? Check out these other great blogs!

The University of Texas “Science, Y’all” : Science communication blog/departmental blog hosted by UT Austin graduate students.

Oregon State CEOAS Chronicles: Science blog from students at Oregon State

AGU Blogs: Check out a variety of topics in Geoscience!

Science Communication Resources in the Geoscience Community:

AGU Sharing Science  “Helping scientists effectively share their work with broader audiences to promote the widespread awareness of Earth and space science and its value. Network members share their science with the public, media, K-12 audiences, and/or policymakers.”

GSA Science Communication Fellowship “GSA’s Science Communication Fellowship is an opportunity for a science writer, journalist or scientist with a passion for communicating to spend 10 months gaining experience and professional contacts, working in concert with GSA communications and member leaders.”

If you’re interested in pitching science stories to broader audiences, check out these resources!

NPR Friends of Joe’s Big Idea SciComm Community: A digital community of scientists working to broaden their impact to the general public, with leadership from Joe Palca and Maddie Sofia at NPR! This is particularly focused at people who are primarily scientists, who are looking to grow their writing for the general public. Email them to get involved!

Scientific American Pitch Guidelines

NPR Article on how to Pitch 

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