Chloe Bonamici

Position title: Assistant Professor


Phone: 608-263-7754

315 Weeks Hall
1215 Dayton Street

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Chloe Bonamici


My science lives at the crossroads of geochemistry, petrology, and structural geology. I use these different branches of geology to investigate fluid movement in the deep earth, thermal histories, chemical signatures of rock deformation, and rates of geologic processes. My main research tools are field mapping, petrography, and forms of in situ microanalysis, including electron microprobe, electron-backscatter diffraction, and secondary ion mass spectrometry.  For details about specific research applications, please visit my research page.


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GEOSCI 100 – Introductory Geology

GEOSCI 370 – Elementary Petrology (Spring 2022)

GEOSCI 375 – Principles of Geochemistry

GEOSCI 456 – Geologic Field Methods

GEOSCI 457 – White Lake Field Exercise

GEOSCI 557 – Structural Petrology

GEOSCI 970 – Seminar: Geochemistry (Spring 2022)