Andrea Dutton

Position title: Professor


A460 Weeks Hall
1215 Dayton Street

Andrea Dutton


I am a carbonate geochemist and sedimentologist with interests in research questions pertaining to paleoclimate and paleoceanography. My current focus is on sea level reconstruction over glacial-interglacial timescales with an emphasis on establishing the behavior of sea level and ice sheets during interglacial periods to better inform us about future sea-level rise.


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GEOSCI / ATM OCN 105: Survey of Oceanography (Spring 2022)

GEOSCI 875: Advanced Topics in Geology (Spring 2022)


Former co-leader of PALSEA (PALeo constraints on SEA level rise)
Current leadership team of QUIGs (PAGES-PMIP Working Group on Quaternary Interglacials)
Member of NASEM CORES panel – Decadal review of NSF-EAR
NOVA “Decoding the Weather Machine”, Nominated for an Emmy Award 2019
TEDx talk: “Reframing Sea Level Rise