Athena Eyster

Position title: Scientist I


Dr. Athena Eyster


Our current Earth environments result from a delicate balance of triggers and interactions among the biosphere, atmosphere, oceans and solid Earth spanning billions of years. Disentangling these interactions can elucidate the history of Earth and foster insights into uniqueness of the Earth system. My research aims and projects stem from two driving questions: 1. Earth Geodynamics: How have Earth’s tectonics varied through its history? 2. Earth Environments: What are the tempos and triggers of fundamental changes in marine oxygenation? To address these questions I integrate field research, geochronology, rock magnetism, MATLAB/Python modeling & analysis, and ArcGIS spatial analysis.


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  • JHU Morton K. Blaustein Postdoctoral Fellow, 2021
  • MIT W.O. Crosby Postdoctoral Fellow, 2017


  • Undergraduate Mentor, University of Wisconsin-Madison, JHU, MIT, and Harvard University
  • Volunteer, UW Geology Museum Open House
  • Discussion Leader, MIT EAPS URGE
  • Session Co-convener, GSA
  • Science by the Pint presenter