Ken Ferrier

Position title: Associate Professor


A462 Weeks Hall
1215 Dayton Street

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Earth Surface Evolution
Ken Ferrier


My research group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison investigates the topographic and chemical evolution of the Earth’s surface, from variations in sea level to the growth of mountain ranges to chemical weathering in soils. We use a variety of tools to explore these topics, including laboratory measurements, field instrumentation, and numerical modeling.

Our group’s research focuses on two themes: surface processes and sea-level change. This work is motivated by two overarching questions: How do climate and tectonics influence the topographic and geochemical evolution of mountains? How do sea-level changes drive topographic changes and respond to them? We address these topics with a quantitatively rigorous and novel blend of numerical modeling, lab measurements, field monitoring, and analogue experiments.


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GEOSCI / GEOG 320: Geomorphology (Spring 2022)

GEOSCI / GLE 350: Intro Geophysics: Dynamic Earth (Spring 2022)