Suzanne Mulligan

Position title: Research Associate


413 Weeks Hall
1215 W. Dayton St


My research interests include metamorphic petrology, mineral physics, and structural geology. I use P-T modeling, elastic geobarometry, petrochronology, high-pressure high-temperature experimentation [DAC], and mineral stress/strain analysis to explore questions in hard-rock petrology and tectonics.

Research Projects

  • Evaluating the metamorphic history of Precambrian rocks in the Grand Canyon using quartz-in-garnet elastic geobarometry
  • Reconstructing the geologic history of Mesozoic rocks exposed in Monarch Canyon of the Funeral Mountains metamorphic core complex
  • Evaluating stress and strain on quartz inclusions by comparing Raman and synchrotron X-ray diffraction data
  • Investigating prograde and retrograde monazite petrogenesis in Monarch Canyon
  • Dating deformation using titanite petrochronology


  • Doctoral Research Fellowship, Office of Science Graduate Student Research Program
  • Materials and Chemistry Institute Intern, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • College of Sciences Best Graduate Teaching Assistant Nomination
  • Geosymposium Best Oral Presentation Award
  • Lipman Research Grant Awardee
  • Jacobs Research Grand Award
  • Geological Society of Nevada Scholarship Award