Basil Tikoff

Position title: Professor


Phone: 608-262-4678

176 Weeks Hall

Basil Tikoff


I view myself as a quantitative field geologist. I enjoy working on how deformation occurs on a variety of different levels within the Earth’s tectonic plates. Consequently, I tend to work a lot on shear zones. My group uses a variety of tools to address questions associated with structural geology and tectonics: Geological field mapping, kinematic modeling, microstructural analysis, geomagnetism (paleomagnetism and AMS), statistics, and gravity surveys.

Ongoing projects

  • Granite emplacement and magmatic arc processes*
  • Interaction of magma bodies and geological structures
  • Strike-slip tectonism*
  • Strain localization
  • Deformation of the lithospheric mantle*
  • Deformation of the lower crust
  • Extracting rheological information from naturally deformed rocks
  • Tectonics of the western United States*
  • Tectonics of the central America and northern Caribbean
  • Tectonics of the early Earth

*Core areas

I also work on developing a digital data system for geological data (StraboSpot), using drones in geological research, and understanding human cognition related to spatial thinking (with cognitive sciences).


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  • Integrated Liberal Studies (ILS 153)
  • Geoscience 202, Introduction to Geological Structures
  • Geoscience 402, Research and Communication in the Geological Sciences
  • Geoscience 455, Structural Geology (Spring 2022)
  • Geoscience 514, History of Geology
  • Geology 556, Mountains Belts
  • Geology 755, Advanced Structural Geology
  • Multiple Fieldtrip classes