Huifang Xu

Position title: Professor


Phone: 608-265-5887

A352 Weeks Hall

Huifang Xu


My research focuses on interdisciplinary study of:

  1. crystal chemistry of clays, rock-forming minerals, and nano-crystals;
  2. role of nanopore in controlling geochemical reactions;
  3. roles of microbes in controlling mineral shape, structure, and compositions;
  4. mineral interface-induced carbonate mineralization: a fundamental process relevant to carbon sequestration;
  5. formation mechanism of banded iron formation (BIF) and dolomite / dolomitization; and
  6. functional minerals for environment clean up and renewable energy applications.

One of our new discoveries is that geochemical reactions inside nano-pores and nanotubes (confined solution) are greatly different from those in conventional environments (un-confined solution). The study will provide a linkage, currently missing, between laboratory measurements (in unconfined solution) and real environmental system in the critical zone (in confined pore solution).


The courses I teach are Gems: the Science Behind the Sparkle, X-ray and Electron Diffractions of Minerals and Materials, Crystal Chemistry, and seminars on Mineralogy and Nanobiogeoscience. I also co-teach Earth Materials (Mineralogy + Petrology).