Lucas Zoet

Position title: Associate Professor


Phone: 608-262-1921

256 Weeks Hall

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Lucas Zoet

My primary interest is in glacial processes. I study glacial process through a combination of glaciology and glacial geomorphology. I use tools from geophysics and glacial geology to study processes in the field and computationally.  I also use tools from rock mechanics and geotechnical analysis to investigate glacial processes in a laboratory setting. I conduct fieldwork in places like Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and the upper midwest to understand how glaciers interact with their beds. What are the mechanics of sliding and what types of glacial landforms are left behind once the glaciers retreat. I’m primarily dedicated to combining quantitative field data with laboratory data in order to test and develop theoretical treatments that can be applied in the fields of glaciology and glacial geomorphology.

Topics that are of special interest to me are:

  • Glacial Seismicity
  • Laboratory investigation of glacier sliding and ice deformation
  • The use of ground penetrating radar on glacial deposits and on glaciers
  • Geospatial trends in glacial landforms
  • The history of the late-Wisconsin glaciation in midwest
  • The mechanics of glacial erosion


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