Lucas Zoet

Position title: Dean L. Morgridge Associate Professor


Phone: 608-262-1921

256 Weeks Hall

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UW Surface Processes Lab


Surface processes affect the world around us every day. They dictate a safe location for building a structure or help us better understand future sea-level rise. I work on surface processes related to glaciers and coastal environments.

I conduct research aimed at understanding the physics of glacier motion through field observation, laboratory experiments, numerical modeling, and theoretical analysis. My work sits at the intersection of glaciology and glacial geology. I use a variety of geophysical and geological methods to explore glacial processes in modern glaciers as well as landforms left behind by Pleistocene glaciers. I also work on coastal processes using a range of instruments and new field and modeling techniques to estimate bluff stability and nearshore sediment transport processes. Wisconsin is a world-class location to study both glacial and coastal processes.

Topics that are of special interest to me are:

  • Glacial basal processes
  • Glacial erosion mechanics
  • Glacial seismicity
  • Glacial landform development
  • Wave erosion of ice cliffs
  • Great Lakes coastal erosion
  • The effects of ice on coastal geomorphology
  • Solar System Ices physical and chemical processes
  • Hyper gravity modeling


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  • Geology of the National Parks (GEOSCI 109)
  • Quantitative Methods for Geoscience (GEOSCI 537)
  • Glaciology (GEOSCI 720)
  • Glacial and Pleistocene Seminar (GEOSCI 920)


  • Geomorphology (GEOSCI 320)
  • Glacial and Pleistocene Geology (GEOSCI 420)


  • L&S DEI Committee
  • College of Menominee Nation Geoscience program development