Senior Information Processing Consultant Computer Facilities Manager
Office 147 Weeks Hall Phone: 262-9698
Pay and Benefit Specialist Payroll and Benefits
Office 221 Weeks Hall Phone: 265-8466
Distinguished Scientist and Associate Research Professor TIMS-ICP MS Laboratory
Office 309 Weeks Hall Phone: 262-1806
Senior Information Processing Consultant
Office 156 Weeks Hall
Library Director; C.K. Leith Library of Geology and Geophysics
Office 440A Weeks Hall Phone: 262-8956
Curator of Collections Curator, Geology Museum
Office B117 Weeks Hall Phone: 608-262-4912
Photo of John Fournelle
Senior Scientist Emeritus Director, Electron Microprobe Lab and SEM Lab
Office 306A Weeks Hall Phone: 262-7964 Website:
Microbiology, biogeochemistry
Office Rm 363, Weeks Hall
Senior Financial Specialist
Office 215 Weeks Hall Phone: 608-262-9467
Office 335 Weeks Hall Phone: 265-1862
Senior Scientist Director, WiscSIMS Laboratory
Office 145 Weeks Hall Phone: 262-7118 Website: Google Scholar Page
Associate Scientist Isotope Geochemistry
Office Rm 147, Weeks Hall
Library Services Assistant; C.K. Leith Library of Geology and Geophysics
Office 440C Weeks Hall Phone: 262-8956
Senior Instrument Technician Senior Instrumentation Technologist
Office 146 Weeks Hall Phone: 262-6154
Museum Scientist Paleontology
Office 487 Weeks Hall Phone: 890-4949
Programmer Analyst Macrostrat
Office Rm 491, Weeks Hall
Assistant Scientist Director, Electron Microbeam Research Labs
Assistant Director, Outreach Program Specialist Assistant Director, Geology Museum
Office A120B Weeks Hall Phone: 262-1412
Office 147 Weeks Hall Website:
Associate Instrument Technician Thin Section Laboratory
Photo of Bil Schneider
SEM Lab Manager
Office 309 Weeks Hall Phone: (608)-333-7874
Undergraduate Advisor
Office 230 Weeks Hall Phone: (608) 890-3231
Museum Director Geology Museum Director
Office A120B Weeks Hall Phone: 262-1412
Sr. Instrumentation Technologist
Office 146 Weeks Hall Phone: 262-5567
Senior Instrument Technician Stable Isotopes
Office 337 Weeks Hall Phone: 262-9498
Academic Department Manager Department Administrator
Office 236 Weeks Hall Phone: 608-262-9265
Researcher, Isotope geochemistry/geochronology
Office 381 Weeks Hall Phone: 608-262-4255
Graduate and Undergraduate Coordinator
Associate Scientist Geoscience
Senior Financial Specialist
Office 217 Weeks Hall Phone: 608-262-9267
Office 117 Weeks Hall Phone: 262-9268
Research Specialist Assistant Building Manager
Office A460 Weeks Hall Phone: 260-418-2042
Assistant Scientist, structural geology, geochemistry, earthquake geology
Office 184 Weeks Hall